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Angel Works

Open your hearts and hear their voices...
Let them speak through you...
in words, and songs, and pictures...

Angelic Artistry This is a very beautiful site filled with all sorts of information on Angels and there impact in our everyday lives. A very big site just click on the golden gates.
Lady Leigh's Fantasy World A section on Angels as well as a wide selection of myths and legends, from Faeries to Dragons and much more. A Fantastic non-Christian site.
True Angel Stories 55 true stories about Angels intervening in human life. Each story is unique.
Angel Wings A big site followed with a big load. More dedicated to Christianity than Angels. A very uplifting site.
Angels' part in Jesus' life Every event in the bible that Angels took part in, even the wicked ones

Angelic acts of kindness are not random occurrences...
Angels are leading humanity towards a wonderful future of hope and promise...
A time when peace on earth shall prevail...

We invite YOU to participate in this online forum.

Your Angel-inspired poems, stories, thoughts and pictures...
They'll be posted here for all the world to see.
All copyrights remain in the author/artist's name.
Together, we can help the Angels spread a message of peace...

Christmas Trees
Christmas Trees



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