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If you are looking for rap music, lyrics, videos, posters, artists, mp3 files, or other rap or hip hop related things, check out Mainline Music.  They have songs, mp3s, lyrics, instrumentals, beats, freestyle, and more. All the rap stars. No matter what city you are in, you can find all the rap downloads, pictures, underground videos, and tons of other rap and hip hop related goodies.


311 38 Special
54/40 7 Year Bitch



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Country Music Chords, Tab and CDs

B-52's, The
Baca, Max
Bacall, Lauren
Bach, Johann Sebastian
Bacharach, Burt
Bachman, Tal
Bachman, Randy
Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Backstreet Boys, The
Bacon, Boyd
Bacon, Tony
Bad Company
Bad Religion Tab
Badness, Ray
Badu, Erykah
Baez, Joan
Baha Men
Bailey, Steve
Baker, Andy
Baker, Anne
Baker, Anita
Baker, Ed
Baker, David N.
Baker, Etta
Baldassari, Butch
Ball, Tom
Ballard, Glen
Bananarama CDs and Music
The Band CD's and Notes 
Bangles, The
Banks, H.
Barber, Barbara
Barbieri, Gato
Barbosa, Carlos
Barenaked Ladies
Barenberg, Russ
Barham, Terry J.
Barkan, Mark
Barlow, Betty
Barlowe, Amy
Barnes, James
Barnes, Jerry
Barnett, Wally
Barr, John G.
Barron, John
Barron, Kenny
Barry, John
Bartle, Jean Ashworth
Barto, Tzimon
Bartok, Bela
Bartolo, Joel Di
Basie, Count
Bass, George
Batten, Jennifer
Baumann, Michele
Baxter, Jeff
Beach Boys Sheetmusic and CD's 
Beal, Jeff
Beamer, Keola
Beard, Jim
The Beatles 
Beatles, The
Beauford, Carter
Beautiful South
Beck, Jeff
Beck, John H.
Beck, Roscoe
Beckwith, John
Bedard, Denis
Bee Gees, The
Beebe, Hank
Beethoven, Ludwig van
Bega, Lou
Belafonte, Harry
Belew, Adrian
Bell, Allan Gordon
Bell, Derek
Bell, Robert
Belle, Regina
Bellefeuille, Andre
Bellson, Louie
Belmont, Jean
Beloff, Jim
Benedictis, Dick De
Bennett, Tony
Benoit, David
Benson, George
Benson, Ray
Bensusan, Pierre
Berg, Kris
Bergamo, John
Berger, Karl
Bergman, Alan
Bergman, Marilyn
Berle, Arnie
Berlin, Boris
Berlin, Irving
Berlin, Jeff
Berlioz, Hector
Bernhardt, Warren
Bernie, Ben
Berroa, Ignacio
Berry, Chuck
Berry, John
Besig, Don
Bestor, Kurt
Bettis, John
Biber, Heinrich Franz
Biehl, A.
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Big Pun
Bill Stewart and His Band
Billing, Alan
Billingsley, Alan
Billy Joel Tablature
Billie Joel Sheetmusic and CD's 
Binder, Roy Book
Birkenshaw-Fleming, Lois
Bisharat, Charlie
Bishop, Stephen
Bissell, Keith
Bissonette, Gregg
Bjerring, Peter
Black, C.
Black, Clint
Black 47
Black Crows Tableture 
Black Crowes, The
Black Sabbath Chords And Tab
Black Sabbath tab
Black Sabbath
Blackman, Cindy
Blake, Blind
Blake, Norman
Blakely, George
Blakey, Art
Blane, Ralph
Blasio, Raul Di
Blasquiz, Klaus
Blessid Union Of Souls
Blige, Mary J.
Blink 182 CD's and Sheetmusic 
Blink 182
Bliss, Philip P.
Block, Rory
Blood, Sweat and Tears
Bloodhound Gang, The
Bloomfield, Michael
Blues Brothers, The
Boatner, Edward
Bob Dilan CD's and Notes 
Bob Dylan
Bob Seger Tab
Bob Seger CDs Tab and Chords 
Bobri, Vladimir
Bobrowitz, David
Boccherini, Luigi
Bocelli, Andrea
Bock, Fred
Bock, Jerry
Bocook, Jay
Bogart, Tim
Bogert, Tim
Bogguss, Suzy
Bolcom, William
Bolling, Claude
Bolton, Michael
Boltz, Ray
Bon Jovi
Bone Thugs 'n' Harmony
Bonfoey, Mark
Bonham, Jason
Bonham, John
Bonn, Garry
Booker, James
Booker T and the MG's
Booker T. and The MG's
Boole, Roy
Boone, Debby
Bornoff, George
Botkin Jr.
Boublil, Alain
Boutan, Bruce
Bowcott, Nick
Bowers, Bryan
Bowie, David
Bowman, Paul
Boyce, W.
Boyd, Bill
Boyd, Liona
Boyz II Men
Bozzio, Terry
Bradley, Richard
Brahms, Johannes
Branch, Michelle
Brandt, Paul
Brandy and Monica
Brasil '66
Braxton, Toni
Bray, Ken
Brechtlein, Tom
Brecker, Michael
Brecker, Randy
Brecker Brothers, The
Brel, Jacques
Bresh, Thom
Brew, Henry
Brewer, Don
Brewer, Henry
Brian Wilson Sheetmusic 
Brick, Andy
Brickman, Jim
Brickner, Wanda Geddie
Bricusse, Leslie
Bright, Ronnell
Brightman, Sarah
Brimhall, John
Brochu, Jim
Brock, Chad
Brodszky, Nicholas
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Brooks, Garth
Brooks And Dunn Tab
Brooks and Dunn
Brooks and Dunn CDs

Brotherhood Of Man
Brough, Ron
Broughton, Marilyn
Brown, Clarence Gatemouth
Brown, Clifford
Brown, James
Brown, Jimmy
Brown, Ray
Brown, Sawyer
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Thomas A.
Browne, Jackson
Brozman, Bob
Brubeck, Dave
Brubeck Quartet, Dave
Bruce, Jack
Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen Tab
Bruford, Bill
Bruggen, Frans
Bryan Adams CDs and Lyrics 
Bryan Adams
Bryan, C.F.
Bryan, Colgan
Brymer, Mark A.
Bryson, Peabo
Bucchino, John
Buchanan, Roy
Buckingham, Bruce
Buechner, David
Buechner, Sara Davis
Buffalo, Norton
Buffalo Bob
Buffet, Jimmy
Buffett, Jimmy
Bulla, Jenny Anne
Bulla, Luke
Bullock, Hiram
Bullock, Jack
Burbridge, Oteil
Burdon, Eric
Burger, Anthony
Burgess, Dan
Burgie, Irving
Burke, Kevin
Burleigh, H.T.
Burns, Jerry
Burns, Robert
Burns, Roy
Burton, Lane
Bush, Sam
Bush, William
Busta Rhymes
Butler, Eugene
Butterfield, Paul
Buxtehude, Dietrich
Byrd, Charlie
Byrd, Tracy
Byrd, William
Bryds CD's and Artist Info
Byrds, The

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Country Music Chords, Tab and CDs

Welcome to the music, guitar tablature, mp3 and lyric site.

We are also developing our links to videos, to compliment our downloadable music section. We started as strictly rock and roll, but now we have expanded to include classical to country to hip hop and rap, with free downloads even christian music, also punk, cd recording information, gospel music, piano sheet music and mp3 files.

Software for midi and audio grabbing is available online as well as the famous guitarpro tablature software.

Even latin music, dance music, pop charts, live, wavs, cds, and more. Search this site and you will find what you are looking for.

We are always looking to the future and soon to come will be wwf theme music and songs, sample sounds, etc. Meanwhile, you can use to get your wrestling stuff.

CD enthusiasts check will want to check out columbia house cd, and the bmg club.

We have some concert reviews of bands that have billboard award songs, bands like korn and metallica, even, eeeeek, the backstreet boy band but dont worry because there is also cool stuff like r&b, limp bizkit, savage garden, blink, pearl jam, mariah carey, dmx, beatles, nirvana, rem, rage against the machine, u2, country songs, love songs, celine dion, eminem, pink floyd, metallica, will smith, eiffel, rolling stones, dave matthews band, blink 182, 2pac, foo fighter, tool, tupac, sublime, lfo, red hot chili peppers,

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