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Country Music Chords, Tab and CDs

Cable, Howard
Cacavas, John
Caedmon's Call
Cagle, Chris
Cahn, Sammy
Caine, Michael
Calantropio, Steven
Cale, J.J.
Calfaria, Bryn
Calhoun, Bill
Callaway, Cab
Calle, Ed
Calle, Malena
Calvert, Stuart
Cameron, Clayton
Camilieri, L.
Campbell, Glenn
Campbell, Mike
Campos, Jorge
Canadian Brass, The
Cannibal And The Headhunters
Cantor, Eddie
Cantrell, Blu
Capehart, Jerry
Cara, Irene
Caramia, Tony
Carcassi, Matteo
Card, Michael
Cardigans, The
Carey, Mariah
Carissimi, Giacomo
Carlin, Bob
Carlisle, Bob
Carlton, Larry
Carmen, Eric
Carmichael, Hoagy
Carmichael, Judy
Carnelia, Craig
Carol, French
Caron, Alain
Carpenter, Mary Chapin
Carpenters, The
Carr, Kurt
Carreras, Jose
Carreros, Joseph
Carriere, Berthold
Carroll, Dina
Cars Chords and Tab 
Cars, The
Carter, Walter
Carter, Benny
Carter, Deana
Carter, J.
Carter, James
Carter, Ron
Carter, Sydney
Carter Family, The
Carter Family, The
Caruba, Glen
Carubia, Mike
Casady, Jack
Casale, James
Cash, Johnny
Cashdollar, Cindy
Casolari, Bruno
Cassell, Alphonsus
Cassway, Esta
Castillo, Randy
Catherwood, David
Catherwood, Wilma
Cavalier, Debbie
Cavallaro, Carmen
Celentano, Dave
Cennick, John
Cerone, David
Cerulli, Bob
Cetera, Peter
Chaffee, Gary
Chamber, Coal
Chambers, Dennis
Chandler, Scott
Chapin, Harry
Chapin, Jim
Chapin, Sandy
Chapin, Tom
Chapman, Beth Nielsen
Chapman, Keith
Chapman, Steven Curtis
Chapman, Tracy
Chappell, Jim
Chappell, Jon
Charles, Ray
Charlie Daniels Band
Charlie Daniels Chords
Charlie Daniels CDs
Charlie Daniels Band, The
Chase, Bill
Chatman, Stephen
Chavez, Carlos
Checker, Chubby
Chekhov, Anton
Chenault, Elizabeth
Chenault, Raymond
Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Cherubini, Luigi
Chesney, Kenny
Chey, Irving
Chicago CD's and Notes
Chiffons, The
Child, Julia
Childs, Billy
Chinn, Teena
Chipkin, Kenn
Chipmunks, The
Chopin, Frederic
Chordettes, The
Christian, Charley
Christian, Charlie
Christiansen, P.
Christopher, St.
Church, Charlotte
Ciani, Suzanne
Cirone, Anthony J.
Citizen King
Citron, Harvey
City High
Clancy, Willie
Clapton, Eric
Clark, Frances
Clark, Larry
Clark, Mike
Clark, Rudy
Clark, Terri
Clarke, Stanley
Clash, The
Clavell, Mario
Clayderman, Richard
Clements, Vassar
Cliff, Jimmy
Cline, Patsy
Clint Black
Coasters, The
Coates, Dan
Cobain, Kurt
Cobham, Billy
Cochran, Tammy
Cocker, Joe
Coghlan, Michael
Cohan, George M.
Cohan, Jon
Cohen, David
Cohen, David Bennett
Cohen, George M.
Cohen, Leonard
Cohen, Mary
Cohn, Marc
Coke-Jephcott, Norman
Coker, Jerry
Colaiuta, Vinnie
Cole, Kevin
Cole, Nat "King"
Cole, Natalie
Cole, Paula
Coleman, Cy
Coliani, John
Collective Soul
Collins, Albert
Collins, Phil
Coltrane, John
Colvin, Shawn
Commitments, The
Commodores, The
Common Ground
Comstock, Frank
Concrete Blonde Sheetmusic and CD's
Confrey, Zez
Conner, Tim
Connick, Jr., Harry
Conte, Luis
Conti, Bill
Contours, The
Cook, Paul
Coots, J. Fred
Corea, Chick
Corelli, Arcangelo
Corrs, The
Costello, Elvis
Coster, Tom
Coughlan, Michael
Coulter, Phil
Count Basie Orchestra, The
Counting Crows
Coury, Fred
Coward, Sir Noel
Cox, Deborah
Cox, Doug
Cramer, Floyd
Cranberries, The
Crary, Dan
Crawford, Michael
Crazy Town
Creamer, Laura
Creed, Linda
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Crespo, Elvis
Crests, The
Croce, Jim
Crosby, Bing
Crosby, Fanny J.
Crosby, Stills and Nash
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
Cross, Christopher
Crouch, Andrae
Crow, Sheryl
Crowded House
Cruickshank, Ian
Cruise, Maryjane
Crystal, Billy
Crystals, The
Culbertson, Debbie
Cummings, E.E.
Cunliffe, Bill
The Cure
Cure, The
Curnow, James
Cusatis, Joe
Custer, Calvin
Cutter, Bob
Cyrus, Billy Ray
Cárdenes, Andrés

Funny Comedy Movies

C Ice Cube
Catherine Nick Cave
Cat Stevens Cold Play
Costello, Elvis  
Vic Chesnutt Alice Cooper
Harry Chapin Canned Heat
Eric Clapton Cash Money Millionaire
Counting Crows The Cure
Corrosion Of Conformity Counting Crows
Clutch Shawn Colvin
The Cranberries Crosby, Stills and Nash
The Clash The Cars
Coal Chamber Leonard Cohen
The Cardigans CCR
Creed Crash Test Dummies
Cheap Trick Coverdale/Page
Crowded House Jim Croche
Phil Collins Robert Cray
Carcass Nick Cave


D'Agostino, Peppino
Daley, Eleanor
Daniel, Katinka S.
Daniels, Charlie
Daniels, Richard
Danko, Rick
Danny and the Juniors
Darin, Bobby
Darrin, Bobby
Darst, W.G.
Datesman, Kyle
Dave Alvin CDs and Sheetmusic
Dave Matthews Band
Dave Matthews Band Bio & Tab 
Dave Matthews Band
Dave Mathews CDs
Davenport, David
David Bowie Sheetmusic & CDs 
David, John
Davidson, Clay
Davidson, Marilyn Copeland
Davis, George
Davis, Jimmie
Davis, Katherine K.
Davis, Mac
Davis, Mike
Davis, Miles
Davis, Rev. Gary
Davis, Sheila
Davis Group, The Spencer
Day, Bobby
Day, Doris
Day, Paul
Dayne, Taylor
Days Of The New
de la Cruz, Josefina S.
Deana Carter
DeBurgh, Chris
Debussy, Claude
Decius, Nikolaus
Dee, Lenny
Deep Blue Something
Deep Purple CD's and Sheetmusic 
Deep Purple
Def Leopard CDs and Sheetmusic 
Def Leppard
Defrancesco, Joey
Defranco, Buddy
DeFuria, Steve
DeJohnette, Jack
Del Borgo, Elliot A.
Delaunay, Charles
Delibes, Leo
Dell, Elliot
DeLong, Richard
Demicco, Mike
Dengler, Lee
Denney, Kevin
Dennis, Matt
Denov, Sam
Denver, John
Denyer, Ralph
Derek And The Dominoes
Derlatka, Jason
Desmond, Paul
Destiny's Child
Destroyers, The
Dett, R. Nathaniel
Deventer, J.w. Van
DeVito, Albert
DeVitto, Liberty
DeVorzon, Barry
Dexter, Troy
Diamond, Neil
Diamond Rio
Diamond Rio
Dickens, Bill
Dickinson, C.
Dietrich, Marlene
Diffie, Joe
DiFranco, Ani
Dillard, Douglas
Dino, Pete
Dion, Celine
Dion and The Belmonts
Dionne and Friends
Diorio, Joe
Dire Straits
Dirksen, R.W.
Dixie Chicks Tab
Dixie Chicks
Dixie Chicks CDs
Dixie Cups, The
Dixie Dregs
Dixon, Willie
Dobbins, Craig
Dogle, Michael
Dolly Parton Chords
Domingo, Placido
Domino, Fats
Don Henley CD's and Notes 
Don, Mock
Donahue, Jerry
Donaldson, Walter
Donati, Virgil
Donnelly, Mary
Doobie Brothers, The
The Doors Biography and Tab 
Doors, The
Dorsey, Jimmy
Double Trouble
Doucet, Michael
Douglas, Jerry
Dowd, Charles
Dowling, Mike
Downs, Sue
Drayton, Michael
Dream Theater
Drifters, The
Duke, George
Duncan, B. Allan
Duncan, Jimmy
Dunn, Holly
Dupre, Marcel
Dupree, Cornell
Duran Duran
Dutz, Brad
Dvorak, Antonin
Dwight Yoakam Notes and Tab
Dworsky, Alan
Dye, Ken
Dylan, Bob


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Country Music Chords, Tab and CDs


Deep Purple Dire Straits
Deftones Deicide
Ani DiFranco Bob Dylan
The Doors The Dave Matthews Band
The Dead Milkmen Days of the New
My Dying Bride Danzig
Diesel Dog Eat Dog
Dishwalla Bruce Dickinson
Dayglo Abortions David Bowie
Dream Theatre Duran Duran
Deep Blue Something Derek and the Dominos
Down Dio
Willie Dixon Miles Davis

Funny Comedy Movies

Eagle-Eye Cherry
Eagles - Sheet Music and Bio 
Eagles, The
Earnest, Herman
Earnshaw, Mickey
Earth, Wind and Fire
East, Nathan
Easton, Sheena
Easton, Elliot
Ebb, Fred
Echo and the Bunnymen
Eddy, Duane
Eder, Linda
Edison, June
Egan, Mark
Eiche, Jon
Eiffel 65
Eisler, Brecht
Elden, Lucky
Elder, Bill
Electric Light Orchestra
Elfman, Danny
Elias, Blas
Ellington, Duke
Elliott, Jack
Ellis, Herb
Elmo 'n Patsy
Elton John CD's and Sheetmusic 
Elve, G.J.
Elvis Presley CDs and Tablature
Emerson, Roger
Emerson Drive
Emerson Lake & Palmer
Emerson Lake & Palmer too
Emmel, Brian
Emmett, Rik
Empire Brass
Enns, Leonard
Erickson, Frank
Eric Clapton Tab
Eric Clapton Chords And Tab
Erlewine, Dan
Erskine, Peter
Erskine Trio, Peter
Escape Club, The
Escovedo Family, The
Esposito, Tony
Estefan, Gloria
Estefan and Miami 
Sound Machine, Gloria

Esterowitz, Michael
Etheridge, Melissa
Eubanks, Kevin
Eurythmics, The
Evan And Jaron
Evans, Sara
Evans, Bill
Evans, Bob
Evans, Dale
Evans, Faith
Evans, Gil
Evans, Lee
Evans, Ray
Evans, Robert
Eve 6
Everly, Phil
Everly Brothers, The
Everson, Lowell
Everything But The Girl


E  Eric Clapton
Eagles Echo and the Bunnymen
Everclear Eagle-Eye Cherry
Everlast Europe
Eve 6 Exploited
Eric Johnson Erasure
Melissa Ethridge Elvis Costello

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Country Music Chords, Tab and CDs

Mainline Music


If you are looking for rap music, lyrics, videos, posters, artists, mp3 files, or other rap or hip hop related things, check out Mainline Music.  They have songs, mp3s, lyrics, instrumentals, beats, freestyle, and more. All the rap stars. No matter what city you are in, you can find all the rap downloads, pictures, underground videos, and tons of other rap and hip hop related goodies.


Welcome to the music, guitar tablature, mp3 and lyric site.

We are also developing our links to videos, to compliment our downloadable music section. We started as strictly rock and roll, but now we have expanded to include classical to country to hip hop and rap, with free downloads even christian music, also punk, cd recording information, gospel music, piano sheet music and mp3 files.

Software for midi and audio grabbing is available online as well as the famous guitarpro tablature software.

Even latin music, dance music, pop charts, live, wavs, cds, and more. Search this site and you will find what you are looking for.

We are always looking to the future and soon to come will be wwf theme music and songs, sample sounds, etc. Meanwhile, you can use to get your wrestling stuff.

CD enthusiasts check will want to check out columbia house cd, and the bmg club.

We have some concert reviews of bands that have billboard award songs, bands like korn and metallica, even, eeeeek, the backstreet boy band but dont worry because there is also cool stuff like r&b, limp bizkit, savage garden, blink, pearl jam, mariah carey, dmx, beatles, nirvana, rem, rage against the machine, u2, country songs, love songs, celine dion, eminem, pink floyd, metallica, will smith, eiffel, rolling stones, dave matthews band, blink 182, 2pac, foo fighter, tool, tupac, sublime, lfo, red hot chili peppers,

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You will also find guitar brands sites such as gibson, fender, martin, ovation, ibanez, yamaha and other electric and acoustic guitar links.


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