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Concerts Attended


Randy Rhoads Expoles onto the Music Scene.........

Randy Rhoads
Randy Rhoads was an unknown for the first concert. The Blizzard Of OZ album had just been released. We were absolutely blown away by Rhoads. Ozzy rocked as expected. The second concert (Diary of a Madman) was at Maple Leaf Gardens as well and it was quite impressive.


Van Halen
High energy concert with David Lee Roth as vocalist promoting the 1984_album.....

First time was with David Lee Roth. High energy concert (1984 Album). Eddie blew me away with how much he moved. He was running all over the place, jumping and sliding, while playing amazing guitar licks.


Guns 'n' Roses
FRONT ROW CENTER ($225/ticket) at Copps Colliseum in Hamilton




First time was at CNE (Exhibition Place). Iron Maiden backed them up. It was pretty heavy duty. The second time was FRONT ROW CENTER ($225/ticket) at Copps Colliseum in Hamilton. They blew me away. They did an acoustic/unplugged type of thing during the concert. They brought out a couch and chairs on stage. They ordered a pizza (ya, I am serious) and by the end of the acoustic set, it had arrived. Being front row center made it seem like we were in a basement with them for the acoustic section (with the couch and chairs). It was a quite a bit louder than I have ever hear in a basement though - LOL. During the second encore AXL got hit with a lighter and walked off stage. The band finished with Duff singing and then they threw down their instruments (literally threw them down on the stage) and walked off. It was AWESOME!!!!


The vocals lifted the roof off the place....

The first time was by accident ('extra ticket' type thing) at Maple Leaf Gardens. They blew me away so much that when they came back, I took friends and drove all the way to Hamilton :-)


Joe Satriani
One of the top guitarists in the world. Maybe number one. See the voting section for details.

Saw him at a bar in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He blew me away. Toured with Steve Vai and ahhhhh, the other guy. I forget his name now. Three of the top guitarists in the world of rock n roll.


They were just coming to prominence and blew away the audience in Toronto, Canada, by pulling a fan up on stage to jam with them.

There were some amazing stunts at the U2 concert. Bono did an amazing tribute to his hometown friends who had overdosed and dyed from heroin use. He sang 'Amazing Grace' (typically sung at funerals) with no background music, while he draped himself in the Irish Flag. This was a hugely emotional and brought the audience to their feet. The audience was further amazed when bono pulled a fan from the audience to jam with them. They did the tune 'knockin on heaven's door' . I went to this concert on a whim. It was the concert promoting the Joshua Tree album, so if you know about U2, you will know that this was before they were very popular. What a great decision. We got scalpers tickets for cheap. The next time U2 came to town it was impossible to get tickets.


Pink Floyd
They crashed a plane into the stage. How do you top that!!!!!!!!!

Two of the best concerts I have ever seen. They had a small WWII plane that was attached to a cable and came zooming down and went behind the stage. There was special effects to make it seem like the plane crashed into the stage. It rocked. The second time I saw them was totally awesome as well. The seats were well positioned to get the full effect of the awesome light show and the incredible sound.


Other Concerts


Saw them twice. They rocked.

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Saw them at Kingswood.

Bad Company

Saw them at Kingswood.


Maple Leaf Gardens. Neil Peart blew me away

Kim Mitchell

New Years Eve, Maple Leaf Gardens (Saw other times)

David Wilcox

Many Times. Amazing control of the sounds from his guitar.


Loudest band I have ever seen in a bar .. Joker's in Peterborough.

Steve Millar Band

Sounded exactly like the album. Best live sound I have heard.

Tom Petty

Decided 4 hours before the concert. It was a good decision.

The Who

Saw 2 of the final 3 concerts. Does that make sense? LOL

Iron Maiden

Saw them with GNR at the CNE concert described above.

Brian May (Queen)

Backed up GNR at the Copps Colliseum concert.

Robert Plant

Phil Collins appeared as guest drummer. He blew me away.

Dire Straits

Fabulous experience.

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