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Near Death Experiences

Near Death Experience

The near death experience (NDE) is said to have occurred when someone who is clinically dead is resuscitated having had an experience of life after death. The following links are a selection from the many sites on the web. I hope to add an article of my own in the near future.

Christmas Trees
Christmas Trees

Some NDE Authors

To Hell and Back: Life After Death Startling New Evidence
by Maurice Rawlings 
Beyond Death's Door
by Maurice Rawlings (Paperback)

Beyond Death's Door: Help for the Grieving Process After
Someone You Love Has Died DVD
~ Maurice Rawlings 
Before Death Comes
by Maurice Rawlings 

Life wish: Reincarnation, reality or hoax?
by Maurice Rawlings

Prophecy Authors

Mother Shipton's Prophecies

If you have had a near death experience,
I am interested in hearing about it.

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