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Pantera Bio

Pantera's beginnings date back to the early '80s when the Texas-based band began releasing albums for the Metal Magic label. Originally, the band featured then-teenaged brothers Darrell (aka  Dimebag Darrell and, for a short while, Diamond Darrell) and Vinnie Paul Abbott (aka Vinnie Paul), as well as Rex Brown (aka Rex Rocker) and Terrence Lee (aka Terry Glaze). They debuted in 1983 with Metal Magic, followed by Projects in the Jungle in 1984 and I Am the Night in 1985. Singer Phil Anselmo then replaced Glaze, and the group went on to record Power Metal, an album released in 1988 that eventually scored the group a deal with East West. While these '80s albums are no doubt curious to hear, it's fairly evident that this was a much different Pantera. For the most part, fans and surely the band treat Cowboys From Hell as Pantera's "official" debut album featuring the group's longtime lineup: Anselmo (vocals), Dimebag Darrell (guitar), Vinnie Paul (drums), and Rex Brown (bass). This album put Pantera on the national metal map, particularly thanks to songs like "Cemetery Gates" and the title track. 

Pantera Bio

Pantera Pictures
Two years later, Pantera returned with Vulgar Display of Power and solidified their status as an up-and-coming metal band with a unique sound. It took a while, but Vulgar Display of Power began to make serious waves among metalheads. MTV certainly played a role, putting the band's videos into relatively heavy rotation, but more than anything, positive word of mouth and explosive live performances did wonders for Pantera, who had a very unique sound for the time. When Far Beyond Driven hit the streets in 1994, Pantera had become the most popular band in the metal land. The album debuted atop the Billboard album charts -- quite a feat for such extreme music -- and the band continued its seemingly never-ending
string of tours, packing sports arenas across America

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