Durham Grade Schools

Durham Grade Schools

Oshawa and Durham Grade Schools


Oshawa Elementary Schools

Name Address City Phone Number
Adelaide McLaughlin Public School 630 Stevenson Rd N Oshawa 728-0521
Athabasca Street Public School 65 Athabasca St Oshawa 723-8233
Beau Valley Public School 230 Marigold Ave Oshawa 576-1938
Bobby Orr Public School 7 Waterloo St Oshawa 723-3621
College Hill Public School 530 Laval St Oshawa 723-2876
Coronation Public School 441 Adelaide Ave E Oshawa 725-2032
Dr C F Cannon Public School 1196 Cedar St Oshawa 725-0344
Dr S J Phillips Public School 625 Simcoe St N Oshawa 725-4232
Duke of Edinburgh Public School 610 Taylor Ave Oshawa 723-3935
Gertrude Colpus Public School 570 Shakespeare Ave Oshawa 725-8271
Glen Street Public School 929 Glen St Oshawa 723-8821
Gordon B Attersley Public School 1110 Attersley Dr Oshawa 576-8901
Grandview Public School 285 Grandview St S Oshawa 728-5791
Harmony Heights Public School 590 Galahad Dr Oshawa 433-8933
Harmony Public School 149 Harmony Rd S Oshawa 723-7571
Hillsdale Public School 525 Oshawa Blvd N Oshawa 723-1231
Kedron Public School 1935 Ritson Rd N Oshawa 728-2851
Lakewoods Public School 323 Chaleur Ave Oshawa 576-8820
Mary Street Community School 110 Mary St N Oshawa 433-8910
Norman G. Powers Public School 1555 Coldstream Drive Oshawa 728-5448
Pierre Elliott Trudeau Public School 1111 Beatrice St E Oshawa 725-7361
Queen Elizabeth Public School 1205 Simcoe St N Oshawa 723-7042
Ritson Public School 300 Ritson Rd S Oshawa 723-4133
Sherwood Public School 633 Ormond Dr Oshawa 728-9283
Stephen G Saywell Public School 855 Roundelay Dr Oshawa 579-5437
Sunset Heights Public School 1130 Mohawk St Oshawa 723-9223
T R McEwen Public School 460 Wilson Rd S Oshawa 728-4421
Village Union Public School 240 Simcoe St S Oshawa 725-1622
Vincent Massey Public School 211 Harmony Rd N Oshawa 728-0681
Walter E Harris Public School 495 Central Park Blvd N Oshawa 728-4532
Waverly Public School 100 Waverly St S Oshawa 728-4461
Woodcrest Public School 506 Woodcrest Ave Oshawa 725-1031


Oshawa Catholic Elementary Schools

Name Address City Phone Number
Canadian Martyrs Catholic School 383 Chaleur Ave Oshawa 576-0333
Father Joseph Venini Catholic School 120 Glovers Rd Oshawa 723-2421
Holy Cross Catholic School 357 Simcoe St S Oshawa 725-5732
John XXIII Catholic School 195 Athabasca St Oshawa 723-1991
 Monsignor Philip Coffey Catholic School 1324 Oxford St Oshawa 723-4241
St Gregory Catholic School 202 Simcoe St N Oshawa 725-2924
St Hedwig Catholic School 421 Olive Ave Oshawa 728-5521
St John Bosco Catholic School 1600 Clearbrook Dr Oshawa 743-6223
St Joseph Catholic School 1200 Summerwood Heights Oshawa 725-6751
St Michael Catholic School 50 Vancouver Crt Oshawa 728-5333
St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School 400 Pacific Ave Oshawa 723-1921
Sir Albert Love Catholic School 425 Wilson Rd N Oshawa 728-3971

Oshawa Christian Elementary Schools

Name Address City Phone Number
Immanuel Christian School 849 Rossland Rd W Oshawa (905) 728-9071

Durham Region Grade Schools

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