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Our first-round draft picks since 1995

  • 1995: Damon Stoudamire, Arizona
    First round pick - chosen 7th overall
  • 1996: Marcus Camby, Massachusetts
    First round pick - chosen 2nd overall
  • 1997: Tracy McGrady (right out of High School)
    First round pick - chosen 9th overall
  • 1998: Antawn Jamison (Traded for Vince Carter on Draft Night)
    First Round, 4th overall for Jamison (Carter went 5th and we got cash)
  • 1999: Jonathan Bender (Traded for Antonio Davis)
    Bender went in the 1st round, 5th overall.
  • 2000: Morris Peterson, Michigan State
    Morris Peterson was chosen in the 1st round, 21st overall
  • 2001: Michael Bradley from Villanova
    We picked him in the 1st round, 17 overall
  • 2002: Kareem Rush out of Missouri
    Traded Kareem Rush to the Lakers for Chris Jeffries and Lindsey Hunter
  • 2003: Chris Bosh out of Georgia Tech
    First round pick, 4th overall ... and an awesome choice ;-)
  • 2004: Rafael Araujo out of BYU
    First round pick, 8th overall ... showing some promise.
  • 2005: Charlie Villanueva Connecticut (7th overall) and
    Joey Graham Oklahoma (16th overall)
    2006: Andrea Bargnani (1st overall), P. J. Tucker
    (2nd round 35th overall) and Edin Bavčić (2nd Round 56th overall)
    2007: None
    2008: Roy Hibbert (17th overall)
  • 2009: DeMar DeRozan (9th overall)
  • 2010: Ed Davis (13th overall)
  • 2011: Jonas Valančiūnas (5th overall)
  • 2012: Terrence Ross (8th overall), Quincy Acy
    (2nd round 37th overall) and Tomislav Zubčić (2nd round 56th overall)

  • 2014: Bruno Caboclo (20th overall), DeAndre Daniels
    (2nd round 20th overall), Xavier Thames (2nd round 59th overall)
  • 2015:  


The Raptors 2004 Line Up


  • Alvin Williams (pt guard)
  • Rafer Alston (pt guard)
  • Milt Pilacio (transitional guard)

3- Point shooters

  • Donyell Marshall
  • Vince Carter (traded)
  • Jalen Rose


  • Donyell Marshall
  • Matt Bonner
  • Jalen Rose
  • Vince Carter (traded)


  • Chris Bosh
  • Rafael Araujo


  • Alvin Williams (Injured)

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