"Your customers can't click on a newspaper ad and leave you their name or phone number."











Take Advantage
     The internet offers an unparalleled opportunity for businesses and individuals to communicate.  The exchange of goods and information has become easy and inexpensive.  Every year, millions of new internet users are discovering the advantage and ease of shopping from the comfort of their own homes.  

Very Cost Effective
Since web sites are much less expensive than traditional advertising (radio, tv, print, etc), many companies are reaping great benefit from the internet.  Not only is it cheaper, but it is far better than other types of advertising.  For example, no one can click on a newspaper ad and send you their phone number or email address, and they definitely can't place a credit card order by looking at your ad in a magazine or on a billboard.  The interactive nature of a website, allows you to sell to and service your customers with ease.

Design Matters
     This is the most common problem that people encounter.  It is easy enough to get some software and make a web page, but that is generally not good enough to succeed to any great degree.  A site must be designed so that it is "search engine friendly".  That is to say, it must be designed with keywords in mind.  Secondly, it must be quick loading.  Thirdly, it should be easy to navigate your way around the site.  Finally, it should steer your visitor to the appropriate place so that your objective is reached.

Internet Leaders
Years of experience combined with the proper training has led WEB Oshawa to become one of the premier design companies on the internet.  We can design your complete site or upgrade an existing site.  We specialize in turn-key packages including shopping cart and e-commerce systems. 

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