Basic Web Design Examples

There are too many to list so the web design samples are rotated regularly.

Below are some examples of Basic Websites.
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A simple and economical solution was required for this site.  We used HTML and included some CGI scripting in the form of a feedback form.  There is an extensive photo gallery.


This site was done on a tight budget.  It has HTML and CGI scripting.  The graphics and most of the text were provided by the customer.


This site has some java and java script.  There are other related sites that are integrated with data bases and other features including flash programming.  The site is designed to draw traffic from search engines under specific keywords.


Polar solid is a brand of solid tire that is used for intense applications.  The site has some CGI scripting for the feedback forms, some java and some flash programming.


This project was a fairly basic HTML site with a flash introduction.  There is some CGI scripting on the order forms as well as some java programming on other parts of the site.


This site has a basic layout as well as a flash version.  Flash was used to add some sound effects and navigation buttons on the basic version.  The pictures were provided by the customer.  The link for the full flash version of the site can be found at the bottom of the home page.


This site was done with a tight budget and involved taking digital photographs, designing the site to integrate with an existing online bookstore and adding a photo gallery of the store.  Java was used for the buttons and CGI was used for a feedback form.


This site was done on a tight budget.  It uses CGI for a feedback form.  The site was designed to be "FrontPage" friendly so that the customer can update it.


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