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There are too many to list so the web design samples are rotated regularly.

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Below are some advanced sites

This is a fully functional online store with credit card processing.  It does thousands of dollars in sales each month.  The products, prices and descriptions are easily editable by the customer through a web browser. 


This site was created with the option to view a flash version or a straight HTML version.  Features include macromedia flash, sound, CGI scripting and HTML.


This is a combination of flash and HTML in the same site.  There is a photo gallery and online feedback form.  This site was designed so that the owner is able to update text and images from their own computer. was designed to draw traffic.  We drive this traffic into other sites that are related.  We also use it to send search engine robots through to other sites we are promoting.  There is a flash section as well as mouseover effects.


This is the flash section of the bloodsweatandcycles site.  Shows some of the options of flash programming.


This site was upgraded from a failing frames set up.  The project involved a complete redesign using the same page addresses to maintain any existing search engine listings.  The site is "FrontPage friendly" so that the customer is able to update it.


This site has both a flash version and an HTML version.  The flash section is completely independent of the HTML site.  Features include: sound, feedback forms, java and javascript.


This is a database site showing inventory.  We designed this so the customer can update directly from an excel spreadsheet.  The results of each search gives a link to the pictures of the individual inventory items.


This is a database site that searches an inventory file.  The inventory is updated by the customer from a master spread sheet for these product.  You must login before using this site.  It was written with MySQL and PHP programming.


This project was done for an IT company.  They specialize in networking.  They also offer their customers web design through Web Oshawa.  The site has flash programming, sound, CGI and javascript.


This site has a basic layout as well as a flash version.  Flash was used to add some sound effects and navigation buttons on the basic version.  This is a link to the flash version of this site.


This site is for a high end motorcycle goggle that is handmade in Italy.  This site has some flash programming in the menus and is linked to an online store which we also designed and implemented.  We started with raw graphics (white backgrounds) and added the halo and mirror effects.


This site was designed to show some samples of what can be done with flash programming.  There is sound as well as interactivity.  Links within the flash movie take you to other scenes without leaving the page.


This was done to show some of the techniques available using flash programming.  It has some sound effects, color gradient changes and other interesting flash techniques.


This is the flash version of the Hockey Fighting site.  Some still shots were used to make a fight seem like it is happening while you watch.  Sound effects and screen transitions are illustrated with this flash movie.


This is a site that contains all kinds of hockey fighting pictures.  It was designed to draw traffic through the search engines.  We use these sites to drive search robots and traffic to other sites we are promoting.


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Above are the advanced sites

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