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Kalsamrit Muay Thai
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Kalsamrit gym provides Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, Kids Marital Arts, Adult Marital Arts, Strength and Conditioning, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Ladies Kickboxing, Ladies Self Defense, Ladies Bootcamp and more.  Plus Kalsamrit offers things like Kids Camp, After School Lessons, Team Training, Kids Birthday Parties and much more. 182 Wellington St.
Port Perry Martial Arts
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Kalsamrit gym provides Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, Kids Marital Arts, Adult Marital Arts, Strength and Conditioning, Jiu Jitsu, Ladies Kickboxing, Ladies Self Defense, Ladies Bootcamp and more. 27 Easy St. Unit 3
Port Perry
Ladies Martial Arts Durham Region's #1 Women's Only Martial Arts Facility.  Women are welcome to train mixed martial arts including our Ladies MMA, Ladies Muay Thai, Ladies Jiu Jitsu, Ladies Boxing, Ladies Kickboxing and more. Durham Region
Bruckmann Martial Arts
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Durham Region's only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA Academy. Bruckmann Martial Arts provides training in the areas of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Mixed Martial Arts as well as private fitness training. We have instructional classes for children, adults and professional fighters. We pride ourselves on teaching reality-based Martial Arts, building confidence, self-discipline and promoting fitness in a relaxing family atmosphere.

875 Wilson Rd S

Okami Kai Karate Welcome to Okami Kai. Located in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada, we offer one of the best martial arts schools in Durham Region. Look no further for day and evening classes in Karate and Aikido. Karate offers a hard percussion type feel to their art with many strikes and kicks much like Tae Kwon Do or Kung Fu. Aikido harmonizes more with an opponent's energy and utilizes joint manipulation in the same way as jiu-jitsu, but also through throwing techniques and balance displacement like Judo. Check out our message boards, browser through our site and enjoy as you "HIT"! 141 Reach St.
Uxbridge, ON
Musubi Dojo Jujutsu Musubi Dojo teaches jujutsu and other Martial arts that are influenced by jujutsu like aikido, karate, judo and grappling. Ajax 905-706-5072
Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts Centre
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Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts teaches Modern Arnis and Cooper Vee Jitsu Ryu, which are elements of karate, judo, jiu jitsu, kali, escrima and Filipino Martial Arts. The focus is on real world self defense rather than on tournament competition. Oshawa 905-924-3764
Durham Martial Arts Durham Martial Arts is a family run business under the direction of Sensei James Colosimo and wife Christine Colosimo. The school began as a 1500 square foot space, has shaped into 3500 square feet spread between 2 training spaces providing training in Goju Ryu Karate, Ju Jitsu and Kobudo Oshawa 905-723-3344
Durham Modern Martial Arts Martial Arts and Fitness for Kids, Teens and Adults.  Durham Modern Martial Arts strives in our community with helping people get in shape, be safe and learn the life skills of a true martial artist. Whitby 905-493-1044
Hiryu Bushido Kai Martial Arts A DOJO is a place of discovery for: HBK Dojo.  SELF, PURPOSE and CONNECTION results in COMPASSION, PEACE and LOVE.  BUDO is a life pursuit of TRUTH. Port Perry 905-985-0205
Durham Boxing Academy Develop Self-Defense Skills, Weight Loss Programs, Build a stronger heart, Build strong bones and muscles, Total Body Workout, Relieve Stress and Channel Aggression 91 Station St. #2
Iron Dragon Kung Fu Kickboxing Serving Durham for over 17 years! Develop Self Confidence and Self Esteem, Get into the best shape of your life!  Make no mistake! Durham's only "Red Dragon". We are often copied but NEVER duplicated! Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Chinese Wrestling, Self Defense, Fitness and Fun Ajax 905-427-7370
Judokaa Martial Arts Judokaa Martial Arts provides teaching in Judo and Jiu Jiitsu for Kid's and Adults. Whitby 905-626-0300
Oshawa Wing Chun Oshawa Wing Chun & Martial Arts. Our Kung Fu Family shows honor, respect, and appreciation to those who progress and grow along their own kung fu journey. Oshawa 905-449-5203
Maple Leaf Judo Club Bowmanville Judo Club.  Judo and Martial Arts program. Bowmanville 905-623-4452
Mystic Mountain Martial Arts A dojo dedicated to Budo Taijutsu. The Mystic Mountain dojo was founded by Sensei Frank Hill, who is a member of the Shidoshi Kai.  12th Dan holder in our style and received training from Japan as a personal student of Hatsumi Sensei Frank. Oshawa 905-442-7235
Team Canada Black Belt Institute Respect, Confidence, Discipline and Positive Attitude Oshawa 905-721-2271
Renseikan Dojo Karate, Aikido, Jodo located at Dunbarton-Fairport United Church Pickering 905-427-8883
Little Monk Little Monk Taekwon Do is great family activity. Families exercise and have fun together while help each other to learn new techniques. Doing this as a family, you can help each other maintain enthusiasm and commitment. Oshawa 905-728-4589
Leo Wong's Tae Kwon Do Leo Wong's Tae Kwon Do & Krav Maga.  Offering 2 incredible martial art programs, TAE KWON-DO and KRAV MAGA. Tae Kwon-Do is a martial art leading up to a Black Belt. Krav Maga is a reality based self defence system that is easily learned. Oshawa 905-576-1571
Courtice Karate Club The 3rd Karate Club in Courtice. Also locations in Whitby, Ajax and Pickering Courtice 905-903-8707
Silent Tiger Martial Arts Silnent Tiger Martial Arts is a friendly, family orientated school which teaches anyone martial arts. Bowmanville 905-697-8855
Adam Gibson's Martial Gym Learn from Adam Gibson -Taekwondo Master, 3xTime Book Author, and Certified "SUPERFOOT SYSTEM" INSTRUCTOR Bowmanville 905-697-3239
Aikido Instruction in self defense to build confidence, martial skills, discipline and strength of mind and body.  Instruction by one of the most experienced Senseis in North America. Oshawa
Centre for Martial Arts Education Education on Martial Arts in the Durham Region Oshawa

Martial Arts In Durham

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